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Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

VectorHR specializes in the search of the most suited candidatures for mid to CXO level positions.

We work with our database, our contacts and links in the industry and our research, and other social media platforms. We follow up with industry mapping wherever required.

UNDERSTANDING Our processes involve a thorough discussion with the client company to understand their needs and expectations from the new position, their organization structure, their growth plans and top level HR policies. This is followed by an internal brainstorming before the beginning work on any new kind of requirement.  Our aim is 'just not to fill in the spot'.  We interview to find the most suited candidates keeping in mind to align the current and the future growth prospects of the company and that of the candidate.

TRANSPARENCY We believe and work as the ambassadors and partners of our clients when we speak to the candidates, and also guide the client companies wherever needed. We do not hide facts about the candidates to the clients and vice versa.

COMMUNICATION The team managers are highly qualified and inspiring who efficiently motivate the people, discuss the position, do a quality check and communicate the status of deliverables and gaps if any, to the clients regularly.

SPEED We understand that time is the essence of any work to be delivered, hence we work with speed, engaging a larger team, if needed, for specific position/s.

Our search is very strategy driven - we save on the time & effort and do not believe in unnecessarily sending a large quantity of candidates. Again, our focus is on QUALITY rather than on quantity. 

INTEGRITY Our commitment with the candidates holds equal importance. We portray ourselves as the career shapers of the candidates and we aim to guide them to the right job as well.

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