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HR Assessment and Surveys

Any management can determine its success level only when it evaluates itself in a bigger scenario.

Such a scenario can be 

A. INTRA company or

B. INTER company

Intra Company surveys- The health of any organization is determined by the happiness quotient of its employees. We , at VectorHR strive towards providing the most conducive environment in your organisation. For this, we design and conduct HR and Dipstick surveys across the levels. We design the following types of surveys:

1. questionnaire based ( usually across a large segment)

2. one on one discussion based ( focused on a smaller segment)

and then analyse the results to help our clients identify the gaps in the expectations of the company personnel. We also step forward to advise and help the companies bridge the gaps and also communicate to the employees, setting their expectations right. Our communication works two ways, aiming for a healthy and productive work environment.

INTER Company surveys- The present economy has a lot of challenges and competitions.  There may be high levels of attritions, new employees not joining, too many salary raises, high fixed or variable costs per employee. To run a venture successfully, one must be well informed of what it is doing better than its competitors and where it has catching up to do.

VectorHR conducts intercompany surveys on salary, benefits and other HR practices and guides the company of where it stands viz others in the similar lines of businesses.

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