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Analyzing the data

Organization Structuring and Job Descriptions

Whenever a new position is created and hiring has to be done, it always helps to have a well- defined written document which lists the specifications and expectations from that position. A job description lists all the qualifications, experience, desirable personality traits, the skills and the deliverables that are expected from that position. A good job description helps the company identify the right candidate and also helps the candidates understand the true expectations from the position which further leads to job satisfaction and productivity.

VectorHR studies the organisation structure of the company and does a job analysis. And after meeting and discussing with the hiring managers, the report levels above and studying the responsibilities of the reportees, we design the Job Descriptions. The JDs also give a list of "must haves" and "desirables" and also the soft skills that are required/ desired for such positions.

Job Descriptions: Services
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